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Above and Beyond

by Alyssa LaFaro

In a constantly growing city like Toronto (it out-populated Chicago last year to become the fourth-largest city in North America) there is lots of opportunity. By jumping on it, Above Ground Art Supplies was able to score a spectacular location adjacent to the largest art and design school in Canada, and open satellite stores in two other artistic neighborhoods.
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by Alyssa LaFaro

You can probably sell a marker to every person who walks into your store, whether he or she is a landscape architect, a tattoo artist, a scrapbooker or a designer of fly fishing flies. They may have come in for canvas or a brush, but thanks to the diversity of today’s markers, in a variety of colors, sizes, tips and ink compositions, everyone can use one for something. Read More

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Use Your Employees to Grow Profits
Summer 2005
Art materials retailers need a cultural change, says sales consultant and trainer Jeff Morrow. It’s not enough anymore to simply keep the shelves full, answer customer questions and work the cash register. We need to use all our resources to generate profits. To illustrate his point, Morrow a ... [click here to read more]

Classic supplies receive top honors in our magazine’s second annual Fabulous Products Awards

The iconic Pigma Micron Pen, beloved by a diverse audience that includes manga artists and entomologists alike, received the most votes from retailers to win the top spot in this year’s Fabulous Product Awards. Fredrix Artists Canvas from Tara Materials came in second place, followed by Gamblin Artist’s Oil Colors in third.

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by Kevin Fahy

Keeping It Real

Smithsonian magazine recently unearthed a 1987 interview with Bill Gates that was conducted by the now-defunct Omni magazine. Gates was, at the time, a newly-minted billionaire at the age of 32, and considered to be one of the up and coming entrepreneurs who would help shape the culture of the 21st century.
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