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Denver's One-Stop Design Shop

by Jenn Bergin

Binders Art Supplies and Frames will celebrate its 60th year in business in October, but Atlanta’s beloved art supply store shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, it’s picking up speed. Read More

Arts Integration Takes on STEAM

by Tina Manzer

Sacrificing music, art and theater in today’s schools in favor of more science, engineering and math continues in hot debate, but educators, administrators and policymakers are also discussing arts integration and STEAM – two processes by which art is combined with other subjects; subjects that have been isolated from it in traditional education models. Teaching art is not new, but presenting art and design as equal partners to STEM subjects is. According to Rhode Island School of Design, STEAM’s original champion, “The disciplines are stronger together than apart.” Read More

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Step Away from that Lamppost
Winter 2013
Maybe I’m just overly sensitive to it, thanks to that Newsweek article a few years ago that announced “American Creativity is Declining.” But it seems like everyone’s solution to the slumped economy, energy crisis, global warming, disease, unhappiness and ignorance is “we need more creativ ... [click here to read more]

by Tina Manzer

You probably just wrapped up your busiest selling season. Good! Now hurry up and prepare for another: the holidays. You’ve got orders to place, windows to decorate and promotions to plan. There’s no time to rest on your back-to-school laurels – get out there and sell some gifts! First, read these fourth-quarter sales ideas, especially if you consider your store only marginally gifty. Read More

2015 Award Winners

This year’s winners were selected from a field of nearly 50 best-selling product recommendations collected last year from art materials retailers. The top three products and eight runners-up were determined in a voting process that took place on Facebook and at NAMTA’s Art Materials World.
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by Kevin Fahy

Clash of the Titans
When I was a little kid, movie monsters were very popular, and I was totally fascinated by them. I would sneak out of bed at night to watch the late show whenever the star was Frankenstein, Dracula, the Wolfman, the Mummy, or some other murderous mutant, and I had posters of these guys on my walls.
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